Poem for Pieces of Me That I Misplaced Very Long Ago.

When she arrives,
My heart will burst open,
And a river of blood will roll out like a red carpet,
For her to walk so confidently on,
“We’ve been expecting you”
The mind and body will chorus,
And my soul,
My dear, dear soul that has been lost for so long,
Will take her seat in a ribcage throne,
And then she will seep into the ivory of my bones,
And fill me once more,
“I am home” she says,
I am home.


Hehehehe talking to my best friend makes me so happy.

but my phone just died so if you reading this wait my shit to charge 

Amazing how I checked tumblr just as you post this 😂🙏
U r so important and special to me and I can’t wait for us to be in each other’s presence physically again

I want to be free